Our History

Phi Delta Theta has a long history at Oregon State dating back to the days of OAC.  Oregon Beta of Phi Delta Theta began with the pledge by its local Kappa Sigma Nu that it will be: “PHI DELTA THETA OR NOTHING!” The chapter was chartered on January 2, 1918 and installed on March, 1918. From its earliest days the chapter had been at the top in academics, athletics and leadership. The early days were punctuated with outstanding men of character.

The Chapter Today

Currently we are the third largest chapter at Oregon State. Last term the chapters overall GPA was a 3.23.

The Chapter House

The chapter house was built in 1928 and had an addition in 1955 and a general improvement in 1964. Another improvement took place in 1999.


  • NW 13th Street and Monroe Ave
  • Adjacent to the SW corning of campus

Inside Features:

  • Fraternal Living
  • Sauna
  • Large Study Rooms
  • High Speed Wifi Internet
  • Printer/Copier
  • Large Kitchen
  • Spacious basement with TVs, Pool Table and Weight Room
  • Landry onsite
  • Guest Bedroom
  • Live in Residential Advisor

Outside Features:

  • Ample  Off Street Parking
  • Basketball Court
  • Volleyball Court
  • Outside deck and covered porch
  • Outside fire pit
  • Large back yard

Famous Chapter Alumni

The list of greats is continued in the expanded History of Kappa Sigma Nu and Oregon Beta of Phi Delta Theta: “PHI DELTA THETA OR NOTHING!”


  • A.T. ‘Slats’ Gill – Legendary Basketball Coach and Athletic Director
    • Basketball Coliseum is named in his memory
  • Terry Baker – Winner of the 1962 Heisman Trophy, first person to win the Heisman trophy west of the Mississippi
    • The most recognized and highly awarded Oregon State University athlete in school history
  • Donald L. Bower – Oregon State University Baseballer and Chapter leader
    • He rose from Driving a delivery truck to the top executive for Chevron Oil
  • Rich Brooks – Outstanding College Football Coach at University of Kentucky
  • Spec Keene – Legendary Sports figure in Oregon and Oregon State University Athletic Director
  • Bill Austin – Oregon State University Football starter at age 16, NFL Starter at 20 and former NFL coach

Government and Military:

  • Douglas McKay – United State Secretar of the Interior, Governor of the State of Oregon, Student Body President and ROTC leader. Served in WW1 and severely wounded.
  • Earl Riley – Mayor of Portland
  • George Weurch – Mayor of Anchorage
  • Richard Miller – Major General, Oregon National Guard

Oregon State University Officials:

  • Arthur Cordley – DEAN of Agriculture, an adviser to the group
    • Cordley was a PHI from Michigan
    • Cordley Hall is named in his honor
  • George Peavy – Peavy was the first Dean of Forestry and later became Oregon State University President in 1934
    • He was initiated with the men her served as adviser
    • Three buildings at Oregon State University  named in his
  • Homer Maris – Composer of the Oregon State University Alma Mater
  • Ralph Floberg – “Mr President”- ASOSU, Alumni Association, Dad’s Club and OSU Foundation President
  • Percy Locey – ASOSU Pres and Oregon State University Athletic Director and Coach.


  • Holly Cornell – Co- Founder of CH2MHill, one of the largest Engineering firms in the world
    • The Alumni Center is named in his honor
  • Al Bauer – Builder of record number of Liberty ships in WW2
  • Ivan Merchant – Builder of many of the state’s bridges
  • Wallace Kadderly – “Father” of Oregon Public Broadcasting